A Note From the Artist

Long story short, I am a baby-boomer who has not outgrown the 1970’s Bohemian look. I like to mix metals, use natural wood, plant products, handmade polymer clay beads, African and Southwest elements in my jewelry, and repurpose vintage jewelry.

Starting small, I learned how to use many approaches to creating my pieces - macrame, crochet and stringing/looming/weaving beads. I am inspired by a number of women artists, including Jill Wiseman, Terry Gable (Monkey See), Leslie Rogalski, Ann Benson, and Sherry Serafini. 

As I grew in skills, I expanded my set of materials by incorporating repurposed vintage pieces. Vintage jewelry has the best findings, e.g. clasps, hooks and buttons. They are sturdy and most pass the test of time. I spoke with a wire metal artist who primarily adorns beautiful focal gems with silver and gold. He had some leather pieces that were unusual and he told me that he used a lot of leather scraps from discarded furniture, coats, and shoes. I find this fascinating, and lately have been looking for more opportunities to use recycled materials in my pieces.

Recycling jewelry is not only my contribution to sustainability. Resurrecting period pieces to give them new life brings me joy.

3RiversBeads is the culmination of 15 years of practice. My journey has included many prototypes and countless rebuilds. I have gifted my work to friends and family over the years, and by doing so, have learned more about how my pieces wear.

Now, I’m ready to share my collection with you. I would love to know what you think, and what you respond to — feel free to drop me a line in the Contact section.  

With thoughts of peace and gratitude. - Tina Bey